Our background

We are Kaem Project, an enthusiastic and hard-working team of determinate designers, architects, creators and engineers. We often responsibly break the rules in this niche to provide the most prominent ideas and workflow concerning project management, interior design, architecture, lighting design, renderings, sound systems and branding services. Our wide variety of services compellingly allows us to work on multiple and vast projects around the world. However, it is an even greater responsibility to ensure that our creations meet the customer's high expectations. 

We believe our vision is meaningful to people that engage with us throughout the process due to the proven determination and professionalism gained over the past years. Every project we have done and willing to be done is a new piece of blank paper that needs to be filled with unique and meaningful ideas, at last, feelings that make us complete and able to move on.


God has given us the potential we have so that we can offer comfort to those who believe in us.

Meet the team



Entrepreneur and Investor. Lighting designer and  Dialux trainer. Sales Director and International Business Developer at Urmet Distribution (Bucharest), General Manager at Intelli Italia (Torino), Sales Manager at  NOPEF (London), Project Manager at Edea SA (Lugano). Warranty Manager at FIAT (MSX International - Piemonte).



Entrepreneur, Investor and Licensed Interior Designer, with extensive and considerable experience in Interior Design, FF&E and 3D renderings. Served a wide variety of customers from Qatar, Canada, United States, Germany, Denmark and Romania.



Experienced in Professional Audio and Lighting Systems. Vast knowledge in communication and customer service; an intense desire to perceive the most advanced technologies in CAD drawings, computer graphics, animation and renderings.



Entrepreneur, Founder of Sigtree Technologies that develops a new concept for IoT projects, focused on delivering a product aligned with the customer's business processes or personal routines. Operations Manager at Ericsson, Team Leader Back Office Cloud Support Services.



Entrepreneur, Investor and Licensed musician and Sound Engineer at Audio Masterclass, Oxford.  Initiated PA and Recording Studio projects in Europe and the USA for the last eight years. Expert in acoustical analytics, FOH mixing and recording.

Architect and director of Context Architecture Ltd. Sustainable new built and architectural conservation projects. Master course in Historic Conservation at School of Planning, Oxford Brookes University, Oxford. ICOMOS research scholarship. 

Representative of the Romanian Order of Architects (OAR) to the Architects’ Council of Europe- Environment and Sustainable Architecture Work Group. Founder member of Rural Work Group within Romanian Order of Architects.